In the event you experience a problem or failure, you may submit details of the issue through any of the following support lines:

How Software Support Requests are Handled

  1. Confirm the request. Registered support contacts are notified that a support ticket has been opened.

  2. Gather information. We work with you to gather information required to diagnose the issue, as described in the "How do I initiate a Benefit support request?" section.

  3. Provide an immediate resolution - or - transfer you to a product-specific resolution team. If your issue has a known resolution, such as a configuration change, workaround, or software update, we’ll let you know immediately. If the problem is new or specific to your environment, we will shift the case to designated product specialists.

  4. Investigate the issue. For complicated cases, we may need to access information about your system and network environment. Specialists may schedule calls or provide additional diagnostic tools to assist in this process.

  5. Provide the resolution. The solution may be provided as a configuration change, software update, or external environment update.

  6. Archive the exchange. After a solution has been found, the ticket and associated communication will be permanently archived for future reference.