• Increased the database request timeout for improved page load
  • Improvements to CSV parsing for location bulk uploader tool


  • Program Page:
    • Additional PDF report types
    • Improvements to stability of PDF generation


  • Program Page:
    • Ability to generate a PDF report with a breakdown of viewers
    • CSV download of users now displays names instead of IDs
  • Fixed an issue where loading a URL with a start and stop date would only register the start date


  • Added values to all chart tooltips
  • Additional digit of precision to all percentages and calculated values
  • All "Top" charts now show a total count
  • Fixed an bug where certain charts would return an empty CSV in shorter time ranges
  • Added ability to sort programs and channels by name or by date available, and filter for live programs
  • Fixed an issue where user names wouldn't populate on page reload
  • Program page:
    • Added a list of users who have watched the program, exportable to CSV
    • Added length of time watched to Watch Ratio chart
  • Subnets:
    • Renamed to Locations
    • Added ability to upload subnet locations in bulk through CSV
    • Networks are now searchable and editable


  • Upgrade to Node 10.x


  • Add option to upload PFX file for web server SSL


  • Serve web interface from API server
    • Deprecation of separate web installer
    • Web interface included in API installer
  • Proxy Qumu VCC requests through API
  • Version CLI tool
  • Add ability to download log files through cluster tools


  • Ability to add IP ranges for geolocations


  • Spectre and Meltdown patches