Band Stick Setup Guide in PDF format is attached.

Instructions to Enable WiFi on your Band Device

Boot Menu

  1. Plug-in Intel compute stick to the Display via HDMI

  2. Connect Keyboard, mouse and USB stick (with band-os flashed on it) to the intel compute stick and power it on

  3. Keep hitting “F2” (i.e Function key 2 ) on the keyboard until you see the boot menu screen

  4. Press the “->” ( Right Arrow ) Key to navigate to next page inside Boot menu.

  5. Use UP or DOWN arrow keys to navigate and select “WiFi Settings” and press enter and select “Enable”. Do the same for “Bluetooth Settings”

  6. Use Right arrow key to move to name page and select “ Save Settings and Exit” 


  1. Keep hitting “F10” ( Function Key 10) to select Boot order and select the USB device

  2. Wait till the installation is completed and the device shows “System Halted” message on a black screen

  3. Press the power button on the device for 5 secs to switch it off and release and press the power button again to get it back on. 

  4. After few secs you’ll see “No Internet Connection” message


  1. Once you see “No Internet Connection” message, press ‘ALT + F4’ ( Press both ALT and F4 keys ) to close the Chrome browser and it’ll take you to the desktop

  2. On the upper right hand corner you’ll see a WiFi icon and click it and select you network and input password when prompted

  3. Once the WiFi is connected, click “BAND” icon on the upper left corner, It will open in the chrome browser